Why Ceramic and what is Ceramic?

At Central Dentists, when we speak of “ceramic dentistry”. Our ceramic restorations, are the dental industry’s closest attempt so far to duplicating natural tooth enamel. And one of their greatest benefits is that they don’t wear out prematurely – and they don’t cause the opposing teeth to wear out prematurely either. The finished ceramics (E-max) are bonded directly onto the tooth, so more of your own healthy tooth is saved.

We have now invested in 3D technology to enable us to do your crowns in one-visit (CERAC-Crowns)

asset CERAC Crowns – One visit has no ‘normal’ thumbnail

Central Dentists is proud to offer the advanced technology of no Preparation porcelain/Ceramic veneers and 3D technology for one visit CERAC Crowns.

The end result is the creation of the most beautiful and natural looking custom made restorations possible. View our before and after photos

Dr Patrick McCallister

Full mouth E-max Crowns just before cementation, Dr Safa Souzani Springfield Lakes June 2011.