Say goodbye to Denture Problems:

A majority of denture wearers suffer a great deal of discomfort as a result of loose or ill-fitting dentures. Successful placement of the mini-implants addresses, and solves, all of these problems and concerns.

How Much Do Mini-Implants Cost

Reasonable Affordable Fees:

Mini-implants are a very inexpensive way to secure your dentures ( lower denture 4 implants at $1500/implant, Upper Denture 6 implants at $1200-$1500/implant ) and or replace your missing teeth and have your bite returned to almost its original functionality. Every patient will have different needs and therefore it is difficult to know exactly how much mini-implants will cost you. At Central Dentists we will provide you with a complete estimate of how much your specific needs will cost, after your initial consultation.

What Are My Next Steps?

At Central Dentists we take every opportunity to help you make an informed decision. There are several options for patients interested in dentures and dentures stabilised with mini-implants.

If you need more information, the best place to learn about how denture mini-implants might work for you is to call our Dental Practice at (07) 3381 8888 to book your no charge consultation.

Maxillary Implant supported and retained full upper denture.

Fabricated from start to finish with our master Dental Prosthetist Peter Agosta 2011.

Please note the very small and robust full upper Denture compared to the conventional full palatal coverage plastic dentures.

Full upper denture with metal base, reduced due to implants stabilising denture.