Digital X-rays & OPG machine

Central Dentists Springfield Lakes uses the latest in state-of-the-art techniques to ensure your health and safety.

We use a process called Digital Radiography, or Digital X-Ray, to take pictures inside your mouth. This method of taking x-rays is done instantly via a computerized x-ray system. Unlike conventional x-rays, you no longer have to bite down and hold still on rigid film plates. Now, we simply position a tiny digital sensor inside your mouth and take the picture.

By using this revolutionary technology, your exposure to radiation is reduced by 90% compared to conventional x-ray equipment! It also allows us to see in greater detail any areas of periodontal disease, unerupted teeth, abnormal growths and the overall condition of your mouth.

Using a direct connection to our computer equipment is all it takes, so we don’t have the previous waiting time for x-rays to develop. With these digital pictures, we can instantly lighten, darken, or view your teeth as an image on the computer screen. Therefore, Digital X-ray speeds up diagnosis time for your dentist … and gets you on your way faster!